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1” Handmade Natural Color Wooden Musical Croaking Frogs - (FRG-NO)

Musical Croaking Bullfrog


These handmade naturally colored wood musical croaking frogs are one of our most popular items. Stroke his back and listen to him croaking and singing ribit like a real frog does. The natural wooden talking croaking frog is completely a hand-made carved wood masterpiece and the quality is the best there is. Wait until you hear the toad croak!

The craftsmanship that goes into our handmade Talking and Singing Frog Rasps, is the finest available. They are all made in an Eco-Friendly / Fairly Traded work environment in Thailand.

Here are a couple of quick YouTube videos we made. We will have a much higher quality videos coming soon!! These were made holding an Android phone AND stroking the wood frog at the same time! With very little practice, you can get them to sound like a real croaking frog. Ribbit! Remember, the larger the frog, the deeper the croaking noise!


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